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Vision: To become the industrial manufacturing century-old enterprise having international influence!
Mission: To make China become a great power of manufacture!
Objective: To make HAIDISHENG’s products become the world-class products made in China and reach the world based on China.
Value: Leadership, sense of ownership, frank communication, continuous learning, passion for winning and teamwork.
Culture: Honesty, intelligence, service, innovation
Honesty: Honesty is the basic standard of ethic. We must implement, stick to and protect this principle!
Intelligence: Intelligence is a virtue. We must create the wonderful life with hands and intelligence. Any lazy thought and behavior are disgraceful!
Service: Service is our main source of income. Our income depends on the value brought to customers by our service! Improvement of our service value brought to customers is the only correct choice for us to increase income!
Innovation: We shall dare to break tradition, explore the unknown and make contributions for human beings’beautiful life with our intelligence!
Basic sales accomplishment: Sale is to challenge the influence of self-value on customer. Success must rely on high confidence and diligence. The performance is the best proof and return!